Deepak Sharma - Patala Tadeo Remix 12"


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Hidden Recordings first release of 2019 sees longZme label boss Deepak Sharma conZnue to build his por[olio on the imprint with a fourth solo EP, a gri]y and tense four-tracker ‘Patala’.

Patala in Hindu cosmology refers to the subterranean realms of the universe, an underworld beneath the earth. Rising up you reach Prithvi, or the mortal plane that is earth. Above that is Svarga, or heaven.

Inspired by these worlds, he delivers three originals with pulsaZng synth lines, raw rhythmic drums with hypnoZc and ethereal soundscapes.

Tadeo is widely respected and revered for his forward thinking imaginaZon and offers a complex, powerful remix blending Detroit and Chicago techno.

Side A begins with ‘Patala’ and freneZc synths influencing the mind through airy hypnoZsm, exhibiZng subtlety in creaZng a dance-floor groove. Tadeo’s ambiZous remix blossoms from the original adding new musical landscapes and marvelous sounds.

Side B starts with ‘Prithvi’ keeping you on edge between the underlying vocals sca]ered between a gripping baseline and off-kilter synth movements with Zmely off-beat drums that culminate into a dramaZc show overall. ‘Svarga’ stretches out with twisZng and curving synth lines and intensifies with an ebb and flow of eerie sound and spacious atmosphere.